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Welcome to the International Hand Launch Glider Festival!

April 27, 28 & 29, 2018


The 25th Anniversary of this hallmark DLG Competition!

This event is shaping up to be the best and most hotly contested IHLGF ever. From early feedback and inquiries from DLG'ers from around the world, there is every indication that there could be 90+ pilots rubbing shoulders out in the Poway paddock. Roland Sommer tells me that there could be 6 German pilots in his group! There will likely be a 6 pilot Brazilian Storm hitting Poway too on that fateful April weekend as well. Joe Wurts and Kev (Rowdy) Botherway will undoubtedly come over too. That's 14 already! Toby, Jun, Oleg, Reto, Gregg, Paul, George, Charlie, Gavin, Seid, Lex, John, Gary….and I'm at 27… Yeah, this is going to fill up fast. There is a very good chance that we will have to put a cap on entries, so please read the registration announcement for more information on the registration date and any entry cap.

We are advising you all of a 3 day event. What that really means is that on Friday we will be holding a nostalgia competition using our new, state of the art planes. Your CD Mr. Seid is wringing his hands, grinning and can be heard whispering laughs to himself as he reads through some of the old events of IHLGF's past. Gun Slinger anyone? Oh, and I definitely heard him proclaim that at least one of the tasks will be javelin launched!!! Start tossing the ball for the dog 'cuz this might really hurt on a cold arm. There might even be a separate sign up on F3XVault for the Friday fun comp. so keep a look out for that and listen for announcements on the Groups. Also, this event will be included in your entry fee, so please plan on giving it a try. It should be a blast.

Mike Seid will be our illustrious CD for this, the 25th annual IHLGF (thanks again sir), and the TPG team along with Adrian Dybwad's f3k competition software, ticket printers and clock displays are in place to make this comp run smooth, so you can concentrate on your tasks. The field will be the same Poway flight center field as last year, and I can only hope that the normally challenging conditions will come close to the craziness we saw last April. Man, that was crazy! High pressure delivered some NE breezes at first, then the winds rotated around to the North and finally fell into the more normal groove from the west. As always, we will carry the preliminary scores into the flyoffs. We really like this and won't be changing anytime soon I predict. As I have written on previous IHLGF welcome pages, the scores brought into the flyoffs do provide an advantage for the high point guys, there hasn't been many top preliminary pilots that ended up surviving the flyoffs in 1st place. Leads are seldom insurmountable, and wins from 5, 6th and 9th place happen more often than not.

Meals will be catered at the field again this year. Dinners will be available by prepay for Friday and Saturday night. Friday night will be Mexican taco night, and Saturday night will be pizza night and agian will be provided by Giant New York Pizza. Lunch both days will be catered by Subway so expect those large party sized submarines with chips, drinks and cookies. See the registration page for these details.

CD-Seid is again working on the shirts and hats for this 1/4 century IHLGF. He hasn't done pink yet, so you'll probably have a nice shirt that you'll feel comfortable wearing for non-DLG outings too. He's been doing a great job on the shirts so far, thanks very much Mike.

Our awesome vendors and sponsors have already started committing some great products and you should soon be able to take a look at the sponsors page and auction items to see what there is bid on. If you see something you like, come prepared to bid. You will most likely get the product at a deep discount while at the same time adding money to the donation that the TPG gives to the US F3K team every year. We always have great stuff donated by the top vendors in the industry! Our thanks again to our sponsors for supporting the contest. TPG will again make a significant donation to the US F3K team fund. We are planning yet another large donation to the F3K team this year, and we are still unsurpassed in our contributions to the US K team. No organization other than the AMA has contributed more cash that the Torrey Pines Gulls through the fundraising associated with this event alone, and it's all because of you. Please help us continue this noble effort for a very worthy cause.

Safe travels to you all. All of us at the Torrey Pines Gulls look forward to seeing you DLG'ers here in Poway this April. It will be a fun and challenging competition as always. Please go to our registration page and sign up on or after February 15th, 2018. You can find a list of hotels and motels nearby on the lodging page.

See you soon,
TPG IHLGF Committee.

If you need a tree service to retrieve a model, American Tree Service has been great. Phone: (760) 580-4012
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