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Welcome to the International Hand Launch Glider Festival!

April 29 & 30, 2017

24 years and counting!

We are running out of ways to be original with our welcome page here, but let me just say that without you hearty DLG F3K competitors we just would not be here hosting the International Hand Launch Glider Festival in Poway, California for our 24th year. Again this year, we have some European pilots coming out along with a long lost SoCal to NZed transplant. Last years Champ Toby Herrera will have his work cut out for him for sure. Roland Somer is coming back for some retribution and the weather report is calling for a Brazilian Storm. There will be a TON of competition as always. We can’t wait to see everyone again this spring.

You have to admit that the Poway venue is a big reason for the appeal of this event. Sure, there are always lots of voices that I hear complaining about the constraints and issues with the Poway Flight Center, but even more constant and passionate are the comments I hear after the contest wraps up. Things like, “man, this place is crazy (in a good way)”, and “so challenging” and “very dynamic conditions every year”. Since we conduct the contest a little different from official F3K rules with scores carrying into the flyoffs, more emphasis is placed on doing well in every round to maximize your chance to start the flyoffs with a lead, or at least not too far behind. And as history shows, an 8th, 9th, 10th place flyoff spot can, has and will end up winning overall, right Joe? With only one dropped round, you just never really know how it’s all going to shake out. Former IHLGF Champ Mike Seid is back and CD’ing this contest yet again (thank you Mike), and the TPG team along with Adrian Dybwad’s f3k competition software, ticket printers and clock displays are in place to make this comp run smooth so you can concentrate on getting 1,000’s.

Meals will be catered at the field again this year. Dinners will be available by prepay for Friday and Saturday night. Friday night will be Mexican taco night, and Saturday night will be pizza night. Pizza this year will be provided by Giant New York Pizza. Lunch both days will be catered by Subway so expect those large party sized submarines with chips, drinks and cookies. See the registration page for these details.

The 2017 t-shirt artwork is being finalized as we speak by Mike Seid wearing his graphic design hat, and our auction sponsors have already started committing and even shipping goods for our annual fundraiser auction. Within the next few weeks you will be able to take a look at the sponsors page and auction items to see what there is bid on. If you see something you like, come prepared to bid. You will most likely get the product at a deep discount while at the same time adding money to the donation that the TPG gives to the US F3K team every year. We always have great stuff donated by the top vendors in the industry! Our thanks again to our sponsors for supporting the contest. TPG will again make a significant donation to the US F3K team fund. We are planning yet another large donation to the F3K team this year, and we are still unsurpassed in our contributions to the US K team. No organization other than the AMA has contributed more cash that the Torrey Pines Gulls through the fundraising associated with this event alone, and it’s all because of you. Please help us continue this noble effort for a very worthy cause.

All of us at the Torrey Pines Gulls look forward to seeing you DLG’ers here in Poway this April. It will be a fun and challenging competition as always. Please go to our registration page and sign up. You can find a list of hotels and motels nearby on the lodging page.

See you soon,
TPG IHLGF Committee.

If you need a tree service to retrieve a model, American Tree Service has been great. Phone: (760) 580-4012